Broomstick Witchcraft

by Professor Spellbinder

Before you buy any of these Dollar Store instructions, go to your local Dollar Store (Quid Store in the U.K.) and make sure you can get the ingredients. Not all Dollar Stores are alike and you may have to hunt through several to find just what you need to make these magic props. To find out what you need to buy for each effect, click on the "Info" button or the photo beside each item.

You’ll need a Dollar Store Broom, a bungee cord or two, and some strong fish line from a sporting goods store which will probably cost you more than the broom, but you only need a small reel of it.

What can you do with a Dollar Store Broomstick? Quite a lot! You can make it appear, disappear, sweep the floor by itself, and even fly around the room!

BONUS EFFECTS: Cut up your broomstick and make even more magic; a dancing cane, a break-away wand, a silk vanishing wand, and more magic wands than you can shake a stick at!

These effects make a good complement to the ones you can learn from Andrew Mayne's Wizard School DVD - especially his Broom Flight Illusion which makes it seem like you can actually fly on one of these things!. Click the DVD cover photo above to buy one from Penguin Magic.

Also contains variations on the "Five In One" Wand, that brings the old "toy wand" back into the magician's repertoire.

Broomstick Witchcraft $5.00

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