A Pictorial History of The Wiz Kids, Inc.

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Article from:
Burlington Free Press
January 3, 1981

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The Wiz Kids Present:
Rope Magic
This Video is made from an old (mid 1980's) analog videotape kept in storage under Wiz Kid Jim Gerrish's front porch and recently "re-discovered" and converted into a Vimeo Video format. The quality of the image is fuzzy, but the magic is not. The Wiz Kids have always taught their members "The Best of the Best," not wasting valuable time on the rest. This is all material that the Wiz Kids could USE in their shows, so it is all practical working stuff. $10.00. On payment to PayPal you will be sent instructions of how to locate the video and passcodes to operate it.
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The Wiz Kids Present:
Jokes for Wiz Kid Jugglers
This e-Book by Wiz Kid Jim contains all the jokes, jinks, bits of business, juggling magic and more that have been used by Wiz Kid Jugglers in the past and right up to the present. Not just for Wiz Kids, this will be of value to anyone who juggles or who performs magic, escapes, etc.. If you don't find something you can use as a juggler, Wiz Kid Jim will eat his chocolate Easter Bunny's hat! 38 pages. $5.00 delivered by return e-mail from PayPal. What have you got to lose except your sense of humor?


Available as a printed 30 page Paperback ($10.00) from Lulu.com but only the above e-Book is continually updated for FREE as new material is added.