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Goldfish Glass
by Jim Gerrish

Start with a small goldfish bowl filled with clear water, a large drinking glass, a blue paper cylinder, a turkey baster and a silk with a goldfish design. Remove a paper lunch bag from your pocket and open it. Show it empty. Now the magic begins. The glass will be filled with water using the turkey baster, it will then disappear, taking the water with it and leaving only the empty blue paper cylinder. In the process, the image of the goldfish will vanish from the silk handkerchief, leaving only a blank space to show where it was. Next, you allow a spectator to reach into the paper bag and remove the glass filled with water, now with a live goldfish swimming in it which can be poured into the goldfish bowl possibly to be given to the spectator to take home.



Balloon Twisting MAGIC!
by Jim Gerrish

Many magicians are also balloon twisters. However, it surprised me recently to learn that there are some balloon twisters who are NOT magicians. Some of those twisters may know a few card tricks, but they don’t know how to do MAGIC with their BALLOONS. This e-Book is dedicated to both – magicians who want to learn some MAGIC they can perform WITH their balloons, and balloon twisters who can ADD MAGIC to their balloon twisting performances, becoming MAGICIANS in the process. Includes: Cut and Restored Blown Balloon, Color Changing Balloons, Multiplying Small Balloon Animals, Puppetry with Balloons, Balloon Through Body, Pushing a Small Balloon Animal INSIDE a Large Round Balloon... and many more.



Imp Hank
by Jim Gerrish

The French "Le Mouchoir du Diable" or "Devil's Hank" dates from about 1876, and is in every magic store on the planet, unchanged since then.

In 2006, Professor Spellbinder released the secret of his “Angel’s Hank” for vanishing a ring to use with his “Ring to Nest of Boxes” trick as found in The Wizards’ Journal #11-07. He also used a variation of his “Angel’s Hank” when publishing his “Pink Panther Mystery” for the same Wizards’ Journal #11-04.

The following year (2007) I came up with yet another variation, a sort of cross between the Devil's and Angel's Hanks, that I called the Imp Hank. I don't know where the idea came from, but here it is described in print for the first time. Just the Thing to Vanish a Ring!



Telediction Revisited
by Jim Gerrish

This is based on U.F. Grant's "Telediction" as published in 1970. I originally made variations for using it as a mental effect for kid shows, and then I made Grant's idea even more impossible by having 48 designs from which six are randomly chosen. But before that happens a prediction is written on a note pad which is then folded and locked inside a toy bank and given to a child to guard. Another child shuffles the 48 Toy Cards and randomly chooses any 6 cards, which are strapped to a display board as pictured. Someone else removes any one of the 6 choices. Let's say the Basketball is chosen. The bank is opened up by the child guarding it and he removes the prediction which reads: Basketball! Even kids are impressed with this one! Other variations are included to perform with playing cards, zoo animals, sports teams, etc. You are not limited to 6 choices out of 48.



Mental Escapade
by Professor Spellbinder

Effect: The Escape Artist and a person from the audience are chained up using combination locks chosen at random by another member of the audience. He escapes easily, but to free his "victim", 4 random numbers are chosen by 4 members of the audience and called out so everyone can add them up to reach a total. Yet another audience member uses the total arrived at to open her combination lock.

If performed by an escape artist, he or she has nothing to do but organize everything and let the audience participate in letting his innocent "victim" escape. If performed by a mentalist, it is an example of his or her ability to mentally control random acts and events to free the “prisoner”.



The Grim Reaper
by Jim Gerrish

Bizarre Magic for those who like a Touch of Spooky.

A spectator, playing the part of the Grim Reaper, chooses which royal playing card will be next to pass away but tells no one. He writes it down for the “Book of Life and Death” then gives the folded paper on which he wrote the name of the chosen card to one of his friends to hold, not to the magician. No one sees it until the “Moment of Truth.” The chosen card just vanishes from the pack. Moments later, it is found rising up from the magician's pocket on its way to paradise.

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