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Make Me
by Jim Gerrish

"Make me choose the seven of hearts, I dare you!" And with the Make Me deck of Jumbo Playing Cards, you can do just that. You don't have to use Jumbo Cards, but this is a forcing deck you make yourself that can be used with cards of any size, for use on the largest stage. Any card in the deck can be forced. YOU decide which one it shall be.

First, the Jumbo Deck of cards is fanned out so everyone can see that all the cards are different. The cards are then shuffled and cut several times by you and a spectator taking turns. The spectator freely selects a number card (two to ten) from the deck, and then is handed the deck to deal off that number of cards onto the table. It seems like a perfectly fair way to choose a random card from the deck, which can be immediately fanned out again and shown to consist of all different cards in random order, but the card chosen by the spectator is, in fact, forced.



by Jim Gerrish

A new set of Zener design cards consisting of ten different symbols for revealing extra sensory perception (ESP), clairvoyance, and other para-normal powers in you and members of your audience. You can buy a set of 52 Zen-Ten cards in either color or black and white from our Make Playing Cards Store. Or you can use any two sets of Zener design ESP cards combined together and print out your own Zen-Ten faces.

Use the Zen-Ten deck to perform a matching card routine that goes beyond the usual five symbol version. Predict the order of five or more cards that will be randomly dealt by a spectator. And more...



3-D Magic
by Jim Gerrish

First, get yourself a pair of 3-D anaglyph glasses BEFORE you order this e-Book, so you'll know what kind of magical world you are entering. If you have the red-blue (or red-cyan) glasses, look at my hidden mountain cave. This is just the beginning. You can create an entire show of visual wonders using 3-D projections, 3-D cards, 3-D games and 3-D posters. Of course the audience will have to be equipped with glasses, but these days they are used to that when attending 3-D movies, and I'll even show you how to sell them the glasses for a small profit and on-going advertisements for your 3-D Magic show.



Gizmo Box Magic
by Jim Gerrish

A spectator opens up a box tied with a red ribbon and removes a wine glass. The wine glass is handed to the magician and the empty box is reclosed and retied with the red ribbon by the spectator, who then holds the box. The magician, in the course of using the wine glass for magic, makes the glass disappear. The spectator then unties the red ribbon and reopens the box he has been guarding to find that the wine glass has returned to it. A new effect for the old 1930's Gizmo Box that no one will suspect could possibly be a Gizmo Box.



Mouse Power
by Jim Gerrish

All kinds of electronic magic effects powered by a mouse. You don't have to know how to do any electronics work, no soldering, just basic mechanics and possibly some woodwork. The mouse takes care of everything else. The first project is the easiest - make a spirit bell and leave it to the mouse to make it ring by remote control. Project two, the spirits choose a framed photo they don't like and knock it over. It's the mouse again! Project three: the spirits spin a small flashlight until it lights up a favorite birthday or Christmas card. Yup! Mouse powered! And so the projects go on as long as you want to keep building them and keep teaching the mouse new tricks.

Unlike most electronic tricks that cost hundreds of dollars, your initial investment will be in a $10 mouse and other low cost objects for the mouse to play with.


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