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Double-Deck Mind-Match
by Jim Gerrish with P. Dennis

Two decks of cards are shuffled by the magician and four spectators, all of whom participate in shuffling the cards. One spectator freely chooses one of the decks for the spectators, and one for the magician, and the decks are placed into boxes labeled MY CARDS for the Magician and YOUR CARDS for the spectators just so there is no doubt. The spectators' cards from the YOUR CARDS box are cut by each of the four spectators into four piles, and from each of the four piles, each spectator digs around and freely chooses one card face down. The magician removes four cards from his deck of cards. One by one, the cards are turned over together to reveal that he has correctly divined all four cards freely and randomly chosen by each of the four spectators.



Dancing Clowns
by Jim Gerrish

This is a great way to involve a parent and child together, or a brother and sister, or any two friends. You reach into a bag and pull out two clown marionettes, one for each of them. You demonstrate how to work the simple cross-shaped handle, and then send them off to practice while you go on with the show. In a few minutes, you bring them back and announce the Dancing Clown Contest. Music is played and the two contestants operate their clown marionettes to make them perform and dance. At the end, the audience decides the winner of the contest by applause. Then the contestants make the clown marionettes climb up the "Ladder of Success" and climb back into their bag to find the prize that awaits them. But no! The bag is ripped open and it is completely empty! No prizes! No clowns! There is a loud knocking from a box on the other side of the stage. You open it, and to the tune of "I've Got No Strings on Me" the two stringless marionettes appear in a pile of prizes that can be shared with the whole audience.



Card Board Cartomancy
by Jim Gerrish

You will build a sticky "post-it" surface board on which shuffled playing cards are randomly displayed by the spectators who shuffled the cards. From another well-shuffled deck, several audience members may take the deck in their hands and pick out any random card. The "Card Board" then is used to reveal what card was chosen, and in turn the chosen card reveals things about the spectator who chose it, as every good Cartomancer knows. If you do, or want to do Cartomancy in public, this is a great way to start your performance. Based on a 1940s inspiration of Walter B. Gibson.



Emoji Trix
by Jim Gerrish

You'll spend a lot of time LOL as you perform these Emoji Trix with giant Emoji cards, flying Emoji saucers, Emoji masks, badges, coins and more. You'll need special Emoji napkins to wipe the smiles off the faces of your helpers. If you are looking to entertain pre-teens, teen-agers and maybe some of the cooler dudes who never grow up (like me!) then you've come to the right place. Slap down your $5 and learn what's up, where to get it, and how to make it happen.

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