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Bottle Miracle
by Jim Gerrish

So, you bought a $60.00 Nielsen Vanishing Coke Bottle Trick and are performing the one trick it does, vanishing in a paper bag. Are you getting your money's worth? Here's how to get the most mileage from the magic bottle by spending only a few dollars more to make it a Bottle Miracle. You can start by opening the bottle and pouring out some soda into glasses. "It's the Real Thing!" Then, as usual, you put the empty bottle into a paper lunch bag. Other magicians just crumple up their bags, but you completely tear up the bag into small pieces. That bottle is REALLY gone! Now you gather up a few of the torn bag pieces and restore them... but only into a very small paper bag. But inside the bag is a real glass miniature Coca-Cola bottle which you give someone to hold while you search for more of the torn bag pieces so you can continue restoring the paper bag to its full size. Once the bag is restored, you take the miniature Coke bottle, insert it into the bag and twist the top of the bag so it can't get away. You hand the bag to a spectator and you all sing the Coca-Cola song. When the bag is opened, it contains a real glass bottle of Coca-Cola - full of liquid coke once more. Now THAT'S a Miracle! And there's MORE inside this e-Book!



Transforming Box
by Jim Gerrish

In 1987 I invented this Transforming Box based on my earlier “O.O.P.S. Machine” design so the Wiz Kids could perform an alternate but equally funny trick for repeat shows at the same location, obeying the second rule of magic: Never perform the same trick for the same audience twice in a row.

Effect: The magician shows an empty cardboard box on all sides. A spectator is handed the box and asked to look inside. “Do you see any flowers, silk handkerchiefs, flags, rabbits, secret trap doors, mirrors?” asks the magician. The helper says, “No.”

The magician takes the box from the helper and suddenly it falls open, showing silk handkerchiefs, flags, flowers, a mirror, and a secret trap door in the center. After the audience laughs and recovers from seeing all that stuff in the previously “empty” box, the “secret trap door” flies open and a rabbit puppet makes its appearance through the door. After an entertaining puppet routine, it all goes back in the box and disappears, leaving the spectator with an examinable empty cardboard box once more.



Haunted Keys ... and More
by Professor Spellbinder

Spellbinder's Haunted Key can roll over in your hand, but it can also roll over in the hands of spectators, revolve around in a circle to point to a secret card, stand up on one end, or transform into a No-Key Doke-y that won’t open anything. Then there’s Rattling Keys (inside a wooden box), an Escaping Key (from a locked wooden box), keys that Pop Out of keyholes on their own, keys that turn on their own to unlock a prop door, keys that change color, keys that bend and change shapes… why settle for a One-Trick Haunted Key when you can do so much more?

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