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Mumbo-Jumbo Monte
by Jim Gerrish

Definition of Mumbo-Jumbo: language or ritual causing or intended to cause confusion or bewilderment.
Synonyms: nonsense, gibberish, claptrap, rubbish, balderdash, blather, hocus-pocus.

That about sums it up! Without using any gaffed cards, working with three ordinary jumbo sized cards (to prove no sleight of hand is possible), Jim shows you how to confuse and bewilder the audience while performing the three card monte. His finale is to put the three cards in the hands of three spectators under controlled conditions and move the spectators around holding onto their cards. Even so, all the cards turn out to be surprises that the spectators can't explain! Use any ordinary cards, or print them out in jumbo sizes using our templates.



Follow The Leader Magic
by Jim Gerrish

Thanks to David Parr appearing on Penn & Teller's Fool Me, along with a little "service bell", a whole new genre of magic has been opened up, from "Do As I Do" to "Follow The Leader", game-show style! Jim immediately jumped on the bandwagon with a Follow The Leader Torn and Restored Napkin in which the spectator follows the magician's every move and surprises himself and the audience by tearing up and restoring his own napkin, without knowing how it's done! More Follow The Leader effects follow to prove it's not just a one trick pony; tricks with sponge balls, jumbo playing cards, and Topsy-Turvey Bottles can all be performed to the ding of a bell.



Balloon Box Levitation
by Jim Gerrish

Helium-filled balloons are tied all around the top of a cardboard or foamboard box. A child from the audience is placed inside the box, which is inside an even larger box. The inner box gets carried high above the stage by the helium balloons. Is the child still inside the box? The outer box that was left behind on the stage is opened and shown empty. When the floating balloon box is finally returned to the floor, the balloons are popped or removed and the child is found still inside and given the remaining balloons as a reward.



Marching Band Magic
by Jim Gerrish

If you are lucky enough to work with a hard-working school marching band, you can help them perform magic illusions on any football field in broad daylight with the audience sitting all around. This e-Book shows you ways to make them appear, disappear, and fly around while continuing to march and play their instruments, without skipping a beat.



by Jim Gerrish

Barky-Bark is a small (inexpensive) mechanical Puppy that wiggles and walks, wags its tail and barks when it appears by magic, disappears, and then noisily reappears again and again when you least expect him. A perfect running gag for children's audiences. It operates on two AA cells and can be activated magnetically with a bit of soldering. Instructions and sources given. Inexpensive enough to use as a gift for a birthday child, or to sell (a duplicate) to parents after the show. Also comes in a variety of different breeds of dog, so you can have more than one appear during your act.



Location, Location!
by Jim Gerrish

In these effects, you will become a seeker, a mystic, a soothsayer, a diviner, a seer, an augur, a rhabdomancer, perhaps even a visionary. You will appear to have the power of location of lost or hidden objects, a sense of ownership or possession, an affinity with artifacts and antiques.

In other words, as a magician, you are going to lie, cheat and steal again. But it's all in the name of fun and entertainment.



by Jim Gerrish

Mini Cube Puzzles are solved in seconds by magic, or better yet, magically solve themselves in your hands and even in the hands of spectators. Because they are so inexpensive, you can afford to give them away after fooling the socks off your audience. Bonus: Use them instead of balls in a Cups and Balls routine where the cubes start off scrambled and gradually solve themselves as they travel from cup to cup.



Bunny Transport Cage
by Jim Gerrish

I went looking for one of these recently and realized that no more are being made by magic builders. So I'm offering a couple of ideas for cages and bags and carriers that you can use to both transport your bunny (or other livestock) and then use as a magic prop to make your critters appear and/or disappear. Some you have to make from scratch, and some you can buy inexpensively and just make a few easy changes. Your bunny will thank you.



Chop-Chop Can-Can
by Jim Gerrish

The Chop Cup, invented in 1954 by Alvin H. Wheatley (1901-1964) who performed as an Oriental under the name Chop Chop, has basically been "Double Chopped" and "Canned" for this, as will be explained in the e-Book, along with step by step instructions in how to make one from cardboard and paper, using only a ruler, and scissors or a razor knife as your tools.

This was originally part of my earlier e-Book called “Cubey-Doobey” (above, # 07), which involved magic with Rubik’s Puzzle Cubes. Realizing that it could be more useful than just being stuck working with the puzzle cubes, it now has been re-written and re-purposed to be a general utility magic prop with many uses by itself, or in combination with others.



Christmas Card Cut-ups
by Jim Gerrish

From cut up pieces of Christmas Cards that blend into a large vinyl poster, to mental magic using Christmas Cards, to using Christmas Cards instead of playing cards to do card tricks, and much more, you'll find things here that you will be able to use in your Christmas shows this year and for many years to come. Now that I'm no longer spending time on a certain Café Forum, I'll be able to work harder on making my own kind of magic, and I hope it's your's, too!

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