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by Jim Gerrish

You may call them Dollar Store Plush Dolls. But bring them to "life" and they become what I call "POPPETS." They aren't puppets. You don't put your hands inside of them. They aren't marionettes; they have no strings or rods. This e-Book shows the techniques I use to bring any floppy plush doll to "life" and even the grumpiest toddler will greet them with smiles and laughter on seeing their life-like antics. Because they only cost a dollar (less when purchased wholesale), you can sell them to parents right along with your balloon animals, and these are guaranteed not to burst and cause tears! You can also make mass productions of them from a variety of props (sources given). Liven up any magic show by having a new poppet appear when least expected. Although the ones pictured on the right are for the Christmas season, you can find plush poppets in Dollar Stores for every season and theme.



In Their Hands Hippity Hops
by Jim Gerrish

The effect is the same as the Great Norman's 1947 Elusive Rabbits, or Hippity Hop Rabbits as we call them today, but with a major difference. The rabbits are printed on large cards and are covered with a cloth instead of hiding in a wooden tube. The other big difference is that two spectators hold the rabbits. The rabbits change places and change colors as in the original Hippity Hop Rabbit trick, but the spectators (and audience) haven't got a clue as to how it is happening. Because you print the cards yourself, you can Hippity Hop more than just rabbits. Try Santa and a reindeer, or two super heroes, or two photographs of famous people, etc. The choice is yours.



Puzzle Box Mystery
by Jim Gerrish

Many different decorative and clever puzzle boxes are currently on the market (sources are provided for the inexpensive ones shown as examples). Begin by borrowing a woman's finger ring and carefully wrapping it in a handkerchief. The wrapped ring is given to a third party to guard (perhaps her boy friend or husband). She is then given a decorative wooden puzzle box to open. When the box is opened, a small cloth bag tied up in string is found inside. When the string knots are untied and the bag opened, she finds her ring inside. The ring being held by the ring guardian has either disappeared or been changed to something amusing.



Wizard's Production Book
by Jim Gerrish

From the Hot Book by Billy McComb (1945), through a variety of Flaming Books and Dove Production Books, to my NEW (2017) and OLD (1982) Wizard's Production Book, here is, in my humble opinion, the BEST Production Book you can't buy in stores (you'll have to make it yourself). I first had to make sure that none of my former Wiz Kids, who made these for their own shows as they grew into adult magicians, objected to my passing on the secrets. So at last, here is the only Production Book you can open up time and again to pull out your next trick, or a load of silks or flowers, or to perform my favorite, the floating ball that rises out of the 1/2 inch thick book, floats around in your favorite floating ball routine, and then sinks back into the book to be transformed into a photograph of the ball on one of the pages of this magic book. And yes, you can still open with flames, flash paper or, where fire is not permitted, a brilliant flash of light coming from inside the book.



NEW Ace Chaser
by Al-Quadir Marsh

Thanks to Jim Gerrish's new "Attractive Card Principle", former Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki was able to take his older version of Ace Chaser from The Wizards' Journal #21 and make a NEW version of it. Those who are "in the know" can see the difference in the cards he is holding on display in the photo at the right. You could never do that with older versions of the trick, going back to the beginnings in 1940. But now you can, and you can even allow the spectator to hold the card when the Angels on the back travel up the card to be together at last!

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