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D.I.Y. Divination Discs
by Jim Gerrish

Based on Divination Discs as described by Ali Bongo in his 1980 Book of Magic, Jim shows you his method of making his own discs using pictures rather than obscure symbols, and designing sets of discs for every season and theme that you might want to celebrate. The picture shows two of the discs from his Christmas and President's Day collection. A Halloween collection is included. The USA Presidents collection for Presidents' Day is described as an excercise for the student. After that, you are on your own to make discs of wild animals, story book characters, or whatever your heart desires.

Effect: A spectator has a free choice of any picture shown on the discs or in a set of picture cards matched to the discs. The magician instantly knows which picture was chosen.



Qua-Fiki's Wind Up Toy Magic

by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

Qua-Fiki shows you how to perform a variety of magic effects using inexpensive wind up toys, including the animals shown on his music stand table, plus toy cars and anything that rolls on little wind up wheels (sources for the toys are included in the e-Book).

The usual trick is having a card freely chosen and signed, and then the little wind up toy travels over the mixed up face down cards to find the one selected.

But that's just the beginning. There are many more effects you can perform with these little toys, to choose colors from a color wheel, or signs of the Zodiac to match one's birthdate, and so on. The real young children will enjoy reciting "Hickory Dickory Dock" and watching Qua-Fiki's wind-up mouse travel up a cardboard clock to see what time has been selected for a cheesey snack.



Curse of the Vampire
by Jim Gerrish

This is another effect, Die Through Mirror, originally created by Ali Bongo, but given new life in Jim's Curse of the Vampire routine. He shows you how to build your own cemetary plot from thin wood (kitchen workshop stuff!), as well as how to acquire a "genuine" vampire skeleton and bury it in the grave yard by pushing the wooden coffin (also hand made by you in the kitchen workshop) inside a mirror which will imprison the vampire forever. Oops! The coffin mysteriously slips right through the mirror (Ali Bongo's contribution) and the remains it contained have vanished. At the end, the restored vampire can turn into a bat and fly off to sulk or await new prey if you wish to go that far in scaring the yell out of your devotees.



Chocolate Bar Magic
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

Qua-Fiki comes up with a variety of ways to use chocolate bars in magic tricks to sweeten the effects for your audience (they can eat the results afterwards if you don't mind sharing). Great for Halloween Porch magic, Valentine's Day table magic, or Birthday parties. Includes Wild Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Bar Monte and the Easter Basket Switcheroo.



Bongo Balloon
by Jim Gerrish

Jim seems to have dedicated this issue of The Wizards' Journal to the creative memory of Ali Bongo, wizard of Pongolia. In his act, Ali Bongo performed a version of swords through balloon that was like ... but unlike ... anything on the market. It was something he made himself (as were so many of his best props). You can make one, too. This e-Book shows you how.



by Jim Gerrish

This is a Kid Show Illusion you can make from items found on-line; sources given in the e-Book. It will end up costing about $100 for all the parts, but you can use it in any kid show where you have enough space - a large living room, a schoolroom, a gym, and of course any stage or platform. It makes use of two pop-up play tents as shown in the picture- one looks like a prison tower and the other like a circus tent. And that's all I'll say. If you want to know how a child from the audience vanishes from one tent and appears in the other, you'll have to buy the e-Book or figure out your own method.



Run, Princess, Run!
by Jim Gerrish

This is another Kid Show Illusion you can make from items found on-line; sources given in the e-Book. It will end up costing about $80 for all the parts, but you can use it in any kid show where you have enough space - a large living room, a schoolroom, a gym, and of course any stage or platform. It is best suited to using your own young child (if a boy, then it's called "Run, Prince, Run!") so you can introduce her or him to show business, but with a few minutes of practice, you can teach any child who can keep a secret how to fool their friends by participating. Just as in "Run, Rabbit, Run" the princess is "locked" in one tower and then when you have your back to her, she runs across to the other tower, and so on. At the end, both towers are empty, and the center section is taken apart to show that the princess has vanished. She can run down the asile, or out from the wings, or reappear in one of the above play tent illusions.



VooDoo You Do Box
by Jim Gerrish

Invented in the 1980's by Bob Ellis, the original concept was produced by U.F. Grant and later MAK Magic under the name The Alive Box. Jim Gerrish came up with his own version of the box in 1983 but made it an "In Your Hands" effect for a spectator from the audience. The spectator opens a box and removes the contents, leaving the box empty. The spectator chooses a card and drops it into the empty box. The magician reveals the identity of the card and when the spectator opens the box again, it falls apart revealing a live animal inside scaring the "YELL!" out of everyone. Jim currently uses this to produce a radio controlled Tarantula, but in the past he performed it with a live lobster from the fish store. You can use almost any small animal, scary and scaley or cute and fuzzy. The point is, the spectator is the only one opening and closing the box, with no idea where the livestock comes from! This one is easy to make.



Patty Paper Tear
by Al-Quadir Marsh

Cecil Lyle, “The Magic Milliner” (1892-1955), was the inventor of the original Ladies’ Hat Tear. Since then there have been many variations and improvements, some by our own Wiz Kid Eleazar in his book "Tear-Able Magic." Here's one everyone missed until now - a Leprechaun Hat Tear for St. Patrick's Day, complete with beard, a rainbow, Leprechaun gold and a flying Shillelagh.



Gift Bag Switch Bag
by Professor Spellbinder

A recent "discovery" in a Dollar Store made my brain go clickety-click with ideas. It's a gift bag that makes an ideal switch bag, not just with one switching solution, but with several. You can make objects that will fit into a gift bag appear, disappear, transform, or go in and come out looking exactly the same but with a subtle difference because they have been switched. It will take decks of cards, jumbo cards too, personal phones, watches, wallets, balloon animals, plastic bags of water and goldfish, cans of soda... etc. I'd put a photograph in the big blank space to the right, but then everyone would say, "Of course! Why didn't I think of that?" So I'll keep the secret for those willing to pay $7 for the thrill of saying, "Of course! Why didn't I think of that?" If you can't find a ready-made bag in a Dollar Store, you can make one with scissors, glue and a few minutes of time, then you can add, "Wow! That was easy!" 5 variations included.

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