The Wizards' Journal #3

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Square Magic $5.00


Migrations $5.00


I Saw What You Did Last Summer! $5.00


Dueling Wands $5.00


Flight of the Phoenix $5.00


Dream Catcher $5.00


Fade In-Fade Out $5.00


Letter From Home $5.00


Mummified Scarab $5.00


Rhine Outdone $5.00


The Wizard's Den
Home decor articles for
the discerning Witch or Wizard

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Buy all 11 articles of this issue (#3) of the Wizards' Journal - $40.00
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*** Planning to make a "magic kit" for a youngster who is just starting out in magic? The tricks marked with three red asterisks are good for that purpose! Also consider just giving the kid the materials, all cut out and ready to be constructed with your help!

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