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by Yusif Tremil

It's the latest SCAM on the Internet- the cute little doggie that runs and jumps and does all kinds of tricks, only once you buy one, you discover you have been SCAMMED! It is a cheap, shoddy import from China that just lies there looking nothing like the cute doggie you thought you were buying. But I'm a magician! I'll show you how to take a realistic doggie hand puppet and make it act just like the commercials of the SCAM dog. So naturally, I named mine SCAMP!

Directions and sources are included, so don't pay the $40 or so for the TV ad SCAM dog and wait weeks for it to travel from China.

Once you learn how to modify your realistic doggie puppet and learn to operate it following my instructions, you'll be able to expand your doggie routine using some of the routines or props shown at the left.

I'll also show you how to hand a paper bag to a spectator. Inside the paper bag is an empty cardboard box. You open the box, show it inside and out, and then hand the box to the spectator to open and guess who he finds waiting inside? SCAMP! After showing off Scamp and performing some tricks with him, put the paper bag on the floor and let Scamp chase it around and finally crawl inside it. Scamp likes the bag so much, he won't come out of it when you call him. You even offer him a doggie biscuit, but Scamp ignores you. You hand the doggie biscuit to the spectator and tell him to try to lure Scamp out of the paper bag. When he tries, he discovers that Scamp has disappeared from the bag!

* * * * *

Scam Dogs on YouTube:

Don't fall for the SCAM dogs. Instead, buy a realistic dog hand puppet (sources given in the e-Book) and learn how to make it look real and alive to your audience.



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