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Tiny Hank Box
by Yusif Tremil

This easy-to-make tiny (4" cube or so) box can do almost everything its larger cousin, the Hank Box, or its grandfather, the “Jap” Hank Box could do. You can make it from cardboard or hardboard and use it to produce two hidden 18” (or larger) silk handkerchiefs, as well as other stuff that will fit inside the box (a baseball, a small statue, a bell...for example) and surprising stuff that is bigger than the box, like 8 foot poles, giant bouquets of flowers, etc.

You begin with an empty box that can be thoroughly examined, and end with the same empty box, devoid of secrets. The secret is all in the handling. That’s why you won’t find this box for sale in any magic store. You’ll have to make it yourself and learn how to perform with it. This e-Book will show you how.



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