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Penetrating Die Drop
by Yusif Tremil

A solid die is rolled by a spectator on top of a pack of six randomly chosen cards from an ordinary deck of cards that have been spread out on a table. The number rolled is used to select one of the six cards. The spectator peeks at the card, then gathers up all six cards and mixes them. The cards are gathered up and the die is placed on top of the pack of six cards. Suddenly the die is pushed down through the six cards penetrating them and drops onto the table (1)! The cards are turned face up on the table one by one and are seen to be all different, but only five cards remain (2)! The one card that was chosen by the spectator has vanished from the pack! The magician uses the number rolled by the die when it dropped to the table to count down in the remaining deck of cards. When the card at that number is turned over, it is the missing “vanished” card (3)! Three magic moments in a row!



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