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Pongolian Pom Poms
by Yusif Tremil

Based on ideas from Ali Bongo's 1987 Book of Magic (a Whizz Kids Special) that Jim Gerrish added to the Wiz Kid Library, I began to make my own Pom Poms (at age 17 I couldn't afford sponge balls at $10 for a box of four - today they cost $4.00) and discovered the advantages of performing sleight of hand using my wooly creations instead of the more expensive sponge balls.

Buy a ball of yarn from the Dollar Store and you are on your way!


Instructions on making your own pom poms from wool.

Appearing and Disappearing Pom Poms - Bongo style.

Pom Poms Galore

Rainbow Pom Poms

Cups and Color Pom Poms

Pom Pom Prayer Stick

Acrobatic Pom Poms

Ali Bongo, (1929 -2009 ) was born William Oliver Wallace in India and grew up in England. He billed himself as Ali Bongo the Shriek of Araby from the mythical land of Pongolia in the early 1960's.



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