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Chop-Chop Can-Can
by Jim Gerrish

The Chop Cup, invented in 1954 by Alvin H. Wheatley (1901-1964) who performed as an Oriental under the name Chop Chop, has basically been "Double Chopped" and "Canned" for this, as will be explained in the e-Book, along with step by step instructions in how to make one from cardboard and paper, using only a ruler, and scissors or a razor knife as your tools.

This was originally part of my earlier e-Book called “Cubey-Doobey” (above, # 07), which involved magic with Rubik’s Puzzle Cubes. Realizing that it could be more useful than just being stuck working with the puzzle cubes, it now has been re-written and re-purposed to be a general utility magic prop with many uses by itself, or in combination with others.



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