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Missing Card Puzzle

by Jim Gerrish

Mini Rubik's Cube Puzzles are solved in seconds by magic, or better yet, magically solve themselves in your hands and even in the hands of spectators. Because they are so inexpensive, you can afford to give them away after fooling the socks off your audience.

Bonus: Use them instead of balls in a Cups and Balls (we call it Cans and Cubes) routine where the cubes start off scrambled and gradually solve themselves as they appear, vanish, and travel from Dollar Store cardboard gift can to can. The final load is a sphere puzzle under each can. The puzzles can then be given or sold to the spectators as souvenirs, if you wish.


The old "Red Devils" trick (One in the Pocket, One in the Hand) can be more easily done using three mini-puzzle cubes and two paper lunch bags, instead of your pocket. At the end, when all the puzzle cubes disappear, the empty bags can be torn up or tossed out to the audience before the cubes make a surprise reappearance. It's all explained in this e-Book.



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