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Stocks and Bonds

by Jim Gerrish

Christmas is a perfect time for a Gift of Stocks and Bonds, especially if you like to perform magic escapes. You show your great-great-great grandfather's precious Stocks and Bonds locked up in a large gift-wrapped strongbox. You demonstrate how the stocks are worn around your neck, attached to chains that are held by spectators so you can't go anyplace without your "entourage." To keep you from freeing yourself by trickery, the Bonds are placed on your wrists and your hands are thus confined... behind your back.

Step 1: You are covered with a cloth momentarily, and now the Stocks are behind your back locked between the Bonds on your wrists.

Step 2: Covered again and the Stocks and Bonds are now completely gone and only the chains remain linked to one another.

Step 3: The empty locked strong box, which has been held by a spectator all this time, is unlocked and opened and the Stocks and Bonds are found safely inside.



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