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Colorful Cups and Balls
by Jim Gerrish

I decided to take up the challenge to develop a Cups and Balls routine using three different color balls to match the different color cups – red, yellow and blue. By modifying some techniques of Al Schneider and Milton Kort, as well as adding some of my own... I think I have succeeded.

04/08/17 - Al-Quadir Marsh and I came up with a greatly simplified version of this that I call "Pseudo Color Cups and Balls." I decided to attach it as a BONUS addendum to this e-Book. It has already been sent to previous purchasers and will go out to future purchasers as part of the original e-Book.

We call this “Pseudo” because it only uses the simplest sleights from the Cups and Balls genre, and it is really just a Color Sponge Ball routine performed with Cups. The advantage to it is that if you come from a background of doing sponge ball magic, you can use this to transition into more “serious” cups and balls work. OR if you are in a situation where you are surrounded and would have difficulty doing a regular cups and balls routine because of the angles or viewpoints of the spectators, you can blow them away with this. If you like it, you’ll find a reason to perform it. If not, you have the regular cups and balls work described above and this is just a bonus.



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