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A Dollar For Your Thoughts


by Professor Spellbinder

You can pronounce that "Foresee", or "Four-see", or "Force." It does all of that. It is a cubical box made of wood, hardboard or cardboard. It is handled by a spectator, who uses it to collect billets that name different playing cards written by the audience on small sheets of paper. Four spectators are chosen by the audience to participate in a clairvoyant "happening." Four playing cards are also randomly chosen from a deck and handed randomly to each of the four spectators. Then the spectators reach into the box and withdraw one single billet, each. The billet drawn names the card that was chosen - every time.

It is explained with playing cards as described above, but if you use it with playing cards, I warn you, it will be just another card trick and I will be very disappointed in you. The true mentalist can get a lot more out of a useful tool like this, and suggestions are given for how to do so without ever going near a deck of cards.

Instructions are included for construction of the special box that does all the work.



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