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by Jim Gerrish

I had planned to include a Hippity Hop Clown effect in this Wizards’ Journal #27, but this is all that and more: it is called Atta-Clown because it can also perform the Atta-Boy card trick of Jack Hughes, but with a few new twists and turns; it can serve as a billiard ball or sponge ball holder; you can perform "Forgetful Clowney" with it; the mouth can move and the eyes can move if you can provide the ventriloquism; it can make chosen cards or other "lost" objects appear in its hands. And, of course, you can make two of them if you want to do the Hippity Hoppity Clowns or a "Fraidy Cat Clown" with it. Once you make it and it's yours to play with, I'll bet you think of a few more useful tricks for it. You may get inspired to keep coming up with tricks it can perform, and you have my blessing to let it take over your entire show and collect your pay checks as well.

You'll need at least four sheets of 1/16th inch thick 12" by 24" Birch Plywood. More is better. You may want a thicker plywood base for the weight. Some 1/4 inch diameter wood dowels are nice, but optional.

Regular playing cards are needed for the card effects, round balloons for Forgetful Clowney, sponge balls or billiard balls, a spring mouse trap, rubber bands, assorted magnets.

Kitchen tools - razor knife, metal yard or meter stick, sandpaper. A hand drill for use with a 2 inch hole saw is nice, but optional.

Googly eyes, plastic glue, wood glue, craft glue dots, masking tape.

On-line sources are given for all items mentioned. The e-Book contains step-by-step construction photos and diagrams for all parts of this kitchen workshop project.

Addendum 12/30/14 - A Whole 'Nuther Way of Making Atta-Clown!

This shows how to turn a standard magic store prop into an Atta-Clown, and includes Jim's 1989 Oracle Box secrets for a new way of performing the Stop Card Trick any time, any place.



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