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by Jim Gerrish and Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

That’s pronounced Skware'-kal or something like that. Not to be confused with a Squircle (Skwere'-kal), an actual mathematical shape - , nor for the Ken Brooke 1952 magic trick in which a piece of newspaper has a circle torn from the center, but when the paper is opened up, a square hole is seen.

While the name "Squarcle" sounds like it might be just another name for a Square Circle, it is much more than that. It's a whole new way of making and performing magical productions from a tube and a box.

Squarcle is much smaller than the usual Square Circle, so that it seems impossible for such a large quantity of silk scarves and flowers to be hidden inside. Squarcle is built before the audience's eyes so they can see that the tube is just a can of pineapple slices (or whatever) with the lids cut off. A carton of Orange Juice is emptied and then cut up to make the box. Everything is handled by spectators during the routine. They take an active role in making objects appear in the tube and box and get to remove them. They have no idea as to where the objects are coming from.

Warning: In the late 1920’s, magician Ade Duval created an act based entirely around silk scarves, entitled “A Rhapsody In Silk.” Duval’s act was never duplicated mainly because the act required nearly one and a half hours of preparation before each twelve-minute performance! Squarcle doesn't require that much preparation but it also isn't something you can just pick up and throw in your suitcase to perform on a moment's notice. Preparation IS required!

You'll need to make or buy a small tray of wood or plastic.

Assorted cans of different sizes, transparent cups, cartons of any type juice that comes in cartons.

Kitchen tools - razor knife, metal yard or meter stick, metal files, a can opener (also used on stage as part of the act), scissors (also used on stage as part of the act).

Plastic glue, silicone waterproof glue, masking tape.

On-line sources are given for all items mentioned. The e-Book contains step-by-step construction photos and diagrams for all parts of this kitchen workshop project.



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