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Bouncing Blocks A Libre
by Jim Gerrish and Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

Based on P.T. Selbit's original "Traveling Blocks", this version of Cube A Libre can be built for three to eight Bass Wood or Balsa blocks which mysteriously change places when covered by the Bass Wood tube. The one Qua-Fiki and I built uses six two inch cube blocks ( times 2, so 12 blocks altogether) and the height of the tube is 12.5 inches, which is an easy height to handle and transport. We'll describe a standard routine using six numbered blocks, but you can adapt it for more or fewer blocks. This should be considered a more advanced construction project only because of the precision required in making the blocks, gimmicks and tubes. All sources we used are given in the e-Book, as well as construction tips and techniques we figured out along the way.

You'll need two sheets of 1/16" by 6" by 36" Bass wood (preferred).

Wood blocks (sources suggested), 1./5 inch cubes to 2.5 inch cubes preferred (we used 2 inch cubes).

Kitchen tools - razor knife, metal yard or meter stick, fine sandpaper.

Wood glue, masking tape, gaffer's tape, spray paint (we used flat black).

Stencils for painting the numbers and white or yellow acryllic paint.

On-line sources are given for all items mentioned. The e-Book contains step-by-step construction photos and diagrams for all parts of this kitchen workshop project.



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