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Fido-Fiki, The Busking Dog
by Qua-Fiki and Jim

At first I wasn't sure this belonged in the Kitchen Workshop Wiz-J, but it uses no power tools and parts of it are made of wood, and we don't have a Busker Collection... yet... so here it is. What every busker needs and wants, an opening act that draws an instant crowd wherever and whenever Fido-Fiki appears. Everyone says "Oh, look at the cute little puppy!" and you know you've got an audience. You've also got a complete show, and Qua-Fiki and Jim will take you through the construction and performance every step of the way.

If Kitty-Fiki, a real live kitten, believes Fido-Fiki is real, the young people in your audience will, too. Pretty soon, everyone in the audience will believe in him (or her) as well, playing catch with the puppy and joining in on its magic tricks and adventures, almost totally ignoring YOU until the very end when you remind them that you and the puppy have to eat.

No, we didn't make the puppy marionette from scratch, but adapted it from an easily obtainable and inexpensive child's toy. Sources are given for this and for other parts of the act, including building a fire-hydrant lota, a "magic" dog carrier, card tricks and mind-reading tricks that the puppy can perform and more.



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