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Clown Bus
by Jim Gerrish

Using Howard Westgate's Tray Principle, you'll create a Clown Bus Box (decoration optional) from which you produce 12 posable Clown Dolls (production load optional). Instead of having a paid assistant holding the tray, it is held by a helper from the audience, who is none the wiser as to how all those clowns come tumbling out of the bus one by one, not to mention the additional farm animals and clown pets. All sources for the props and parts are included in the e-Book.

You'll need two sheets of 1/16" by 6" by 36" Bass wood (preferred), and an unpainted wooden tray (unless you want to make a tray from scratch).

Kitchen tools - razor knife, metal yard or meter stick, fine sandpaper.

Wood glue, masking tape, spray paint (we used "school bus yellow" and flat black).

A dozen or more Neodymium magnets to keep the clowns in place on the tray for display afterwards.

On-line sources are given for all items mentioned. The e-Book contains step-by-step construction photos and diagrams for all parts of this kitchen workshop project.



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