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Drawer Box Mania
by Jim Gerrish

Jim explores the history of the drawer box, and then shows you how to make one of his "new-fangled" ones from Bass wood (preferred). You can make a traditional Drawer Box, or one of Jim's Drawer Box variations with all of the latest cranks and buzzers (bells and whistles?) and even a drawer box that can be thoroughly examined.

Notice that Jim can completely remove the drawer from its cover and show both empty at any time. It can even be opened by a helper from the audience. Again and again, the empty drawer box can fill up with lollipops or other wrapped candies, or plastic gold coins and pirate treasure, etc. The "loot" is poured into buckets for distribution to the audience, if desired.

As Julian Mather* describes in his Build Your Magic Show series, the box can be decorated like his "Nellie the Pig" or other creatures and critters of your choice. Feet, ears and tails can be added if desired.

You'll need three sheets of 1/16" by 6" by 36" Bass wood (preferred).

Kitchen tools - razor knife, metal yard or meter stick, fine sandpaper. A small drill bit to attach a knob.

Wood glue, masking tape, spray paint (we used gloss red, gloss white and flat black).

Large Wiggly Googly Eyes for your critter face, if desired. Two or more Neodymium magnets to provide a certain convenience.

On-line sources are given for all items mentioned. The e-Book contains step-by-step construction photos and diagrams for all parts of this kitchen workshop project.

* Julian Mather, Australian Magician and author of the on-line experience called Build Your Magic Show: and . The name Nellie the Pig is mentioned with his permission.



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