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How to Build a Variation of
Julian Mather's Big Red Box of Magic
by Jim Gerrish

The concept is Julian Mather's*, but the design is by Jim Gerrish and can be made on a week-end using easily available parts and Jim's favorite building materials (hardboard and duct tape, or in this case, gaffer's tape) for under $50.00. The e-Book shows you how.

The differences between Julian’s original Big Red Box of Magic (BRBOM) and the one I will teach you to build are shown in the photos above.

Julian’s box is made from a second-hand case that he found and decorated. Note the lettering is on the back of the case and when the lid is opened, it conceals much of your upper body if you stand behind it.

My case is just the opposite; the lettering is on the front and the lid opens and drops over and around behind the back of the box so that you can be easily seen if you choose to stand behind the box to use it either with the lid closed like a regular tabletop, or opened with a temporary tabletop that can be placed on the open front of the box.

Note also that Julian's layout is designed so he can set up his show in under 30 seconds and pack up in under 30 seconds as shown in this video:

I have not performed a speed test with my box, so I don’t know how quickly it can be set up and packed up, but if not 30 seconds, it still is pretty fast.

If you want to buy a professional case, it will cost you in the hundreds of dollars. After paying that kind of money, you will be reluctant to paint it and make physical changes.

If you want to search garage sales and second-hand stores for a less expensive alternative case that you will still have to paint and decorate, it could take months of travel and searching.

If you want a really inexpensive custom-made box you can build this week-end for use next week-end, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you have to order all the parts mentioned in this e-Book from on-line sources, it will still cost you less than $50.00 and the parts will be shipped to you free (if you have Amazon Prime) or at low cost within a few days using the sources I have listed.

BONUS! Jim throws in his "Little Red Box Of Magic" so now you can give away a Dollar Store Gift Box to the Birthday Child or contest winner, etc. Every time the child opens the box, it is just an ordinary empty cardboard box...BUT, when you teach him the magic words, the box begins to fill up with all kinds of surprising things. Finally the box fills up with small magic tricks as a present for the Birthday Child. It's great as a photo op, too! Instructions for making it and performing with it.

* Julian Mather, Australian Magician and author of the on-line experience called Build Your Magic Show: and . The name Big Red Box of Magic is used by his permission.



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