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Impromptu Matrix
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

Qua-Fiki shows how to perform the Matrix coin assembly effect as an impromptu presentation using borrowed cards, borrowed coins, standing or sitting, as a parlor show or in a tablehopping setting. Your spectators are closely involved in the presentation, so it seems as if they have examined everything. You can even finish with a giant coin falling onto the table with a clang, if you wish.

Qua-Fiki has created three different ways to accomplish the same effect, so if you wanted to, you could alternate between the three different methods so that spectators who have just seen you perform by one method are baffled again and again.

Using Qua-Fiki's Organizational Matrix techniques, you can use state-back quarters in interesting ways. The quarters can be signed by the spectators, tagged with a seal and spectator initials for identification, so that you can send the quarter marked by (for example) Harry Blackstone back to the state of Texas (on the quarter) via a magic carpet ride. When it's time for Harry to go, that particular quarter vanishes from one place and ends up at the airport. It's a way of personalizing the experience where each of the coins has the name of a spectator and they can watch closely to see their "personal" coin vanish and reappear as scheduled. Each quarter vanishes in a different way and NONE of the quarters vanishes with card snapping and flip-flapping, for those who know what that means.

In the video below, Qua-Fiki demonstrates one of the three variations found in his Impromptu Matrix.

Impromptu Matrix by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki from James Gerrish on Vimeo.

Magician and Master Machinist Roy Kueppers has milled the special gimmick that is mentioned in Qua-Fiki's e-Book and used in two of his Impromptu Matrix methods. The gimmick is only available from The Magic Nook at a cost of $10.00, postpaid in the USA. Overseas postage will add $5.00 to the cost. Note: Qua-Fiki's routine can be performed without the gimmick, and a variety of methods are described. But once you get the gimmick and try it, you will appreciate how much easier the various routines become.

Roy Kueppers machine milled gimmick- quarter size, mailed from The Magic Nook to an address in the USA

Roy Kueppers machine milled gimmick- quarter size, mailed from The Magic Nook to an address outside the USA.



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