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Color-Free Table Well & Astro-Box
by Professor Spellbinder & Jim Gerrish

For too many years the only choices open to magicians for a deceptive table-well has been the black-art well. In seeking a new way to produce and vanish an Astro-sphere or Zombie, combining a box with a table-well, I discovered, around 1980, that black is not the only color that can be used to hide a table-well. Since then I have come up with several solutions for the Astro-sphere problem, which I will present here. Keep in mind that the Astro-sphere is only representative of any large bulky item you may wish to make appear or disappear. Three production boxes are described, requiring only light carpentry work to make them.

The table design presented in the e-Book is made from 1/8 inch thick hardboard. Furthermore, it has many decorative openings cut into the top. It looks completely unprepared and innocent- no place to hide an object as large as a 6 inch diameter Astrosphere, but the Astrosphere is right in plain sight in the above photos if you know where to look. Jim Gerrish's Astro-Box is truly empty and can be shown all around, making the appearance of the Astrosphere truly magical.

While the purpose of the e-Book is not to explain the operations of Astrosphere, we will show you how to make the ball appear and disappear on top of this thin and holey table, and give you many of Fred Goode's tips on handling and modifications that bring the Astrosphere up-to-date, like how to find the exact center of the invisible you-know-what without being able to see it.

Color Free Table Wells & Astro-Box from James Gerrish on Vimeo.

This Video also available on Vimeo

Purchasers of this e-Book will be given access to another secret Video in which Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki describes some of the finer points of how to operate the Astro Box.



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