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Santa's Magic Jingle Bell
by Professor Spellbinder

This is the Jingle Bell Santa always wanted for Christmas and you can have it if you make it yourself! It's really a very simple to make manual (no electronics - no batteries) spirit bell effect for kids, but in your hands, it can tell you who's been naughty or nice, select an appropriate toy from a deck of toy cards (included as templates), or answer questions about the North Pole. The bell is one of several differently colored jingle bells and the smallest child in the audience has to find it, because only one of the bells is a direct link to Santa himself! Whichever bell he chooses instantly makes itself known as the one and only authentic Santa's Magic Jingle Bell by cavorting about and jingling happily within the little glass container in which you drop it. You can even cover that with another glass jar and the bell still performs on demand. Includes several other effects for use with the deck of Toy Cards that you make from my templates plus an ACCAAN* effect for teens and adults that will have them believing... in something!


* Any Card Called At Any Number



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