Signed, Sealed and Delivered
By Professor Spellbinder

The original idea came from Karrell Fox's, “Thot-Dot” from his book Another Book. I have only put some Wizard touches on it and brought it out again so as not to lose the baby in a sea of bath water. You ask the audience if they have ever heard the expression “Signed, Sealed and Delivered.” You ask if they would like to see a demonstration of that.

Some licking stickers are shown and one is chosen by a spectator, who signs his name on it. You hold it up and announce, “Signed.”

You bring out a deck of cards (which can be borrowed) and ask the same spectator to think of his favorite card in the deck as you shuffle it in front of him. You then lick the signed sticker and place it and the deck of cards behind your back because “these things are best done in secret.”

You bring the deck of cards out from behind your back and announce that you had a feeling about a certain card while the deck was behind your back, and it was on that card that you affixed the sticker. You hold the deck up and say, “Sealed.” You tell them you have no idea what card it was that you sealed, just that you had a certain feeling about it.

You spread the cards face outwards to the spectator, asking him to name his favorite card and to point to it when he sees it in the deck. The card he points to is pulled from the deck, and when it is turned over, it is seen that the sticker is stuck to the back of it. Say, “Delivered” in a loud voice. Thus the card only chosen mentally has been signed, sealed and delivered, as promised.



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