Visible See-Through Nest of Boxes
by Professor Spellbinder

Effect: Three nesting boxes are displayed from all angles, and it is obvious that all three are empty, because their sides are made of clear glass. You can begin with all three empty boxes displayed as shown below on the left and then nest them, or to save time, start with them all nested together... you decide which.

The magician borrows an object from a spectator- a ring, a coin, a bill, a wristwatch, a wallet, a cell-phone or anything else about that size.

The borrowed object is wrapped in a red silk handkerchief. Suddenly the handkerchief and the borrowed object vanish from the magician’s hand.

At the same time, a red (for example - actually the color silk is your choice) handkerchief appears visibly inside the innermost box of the glass-walled nesting boxes. The boxes are opened one by one. When the smallest box is opened, the red silk handkerchief is lifted from the box and is obviously holding something inside it. That something happens to be the original borrowed object, which is handed to the spectator for confirmation of ownership. Visible vanish, visible reappearance in see-through nesting boxes!

The glass walled nesting boxes will cost you less than $15.00 from the source we provide (and that includes shipping). Another $5.00 will take care of the gimmicks needed. If you prefer, you can make the boxes yourself from scratch following our plans.

Included with the e-Book are instructions for converting the boxes for a mental prediction routine. The prediction paper can be seen inside the innermost box from the moment it is brought out, or even before, if you want to put it on display in a store window or display case in the lobby.



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