Easter Bunny Surprise Illusion
by Jim Gerrish

Here’s an easily built illusion that requires one assistant to perform, but has the advantage of being able to perform almost anywhere, even at a birthday party setting. It can be made out of hardboard and duct tape (surprise!) or from thin plywood, etc.

Effect: The magician produces some Easter Eggs magically, and while doing so, a large costumed bunny rabbit comes out and stands behind him watching. The person in the bunny costume is holding a basket, and with pantomime indicates he wants the magician to give him the Easter eggs for his basket, which the magician does. The bunny takes a count of the house and indicates that the magician should make some more Easter eggs appear. The magician struggles to do so, but the bunny is not satisfied and the magician tries to get away. The bunny ties up the magician with a rope to keep him from getting away, and then the bunny builds a “Hen House” from panels of hardboard, which he forms around the magician. Now when the bunny wants an Easter egg, it bangs on the roof of the Hen House and an Easter egg comes tumbling out of a door in the front, down a chute and into the Bunny’s Easter basket.

The bunny begins to pound the roof harder and harder and the eggs roll out faster and faster, then all of a sudden stop. The bunny looks puzzled and begins taking the hen house apart, discovering that the magician has vanished. The bunny removes his head mask and it is the magician!

While the theme given is an Easter Bunny Theme, it is very easy to change to a Halloween, Christmas, or a variety of other themes by changing the costumes and the style of the "house." In addition to making the "Hen House," you will need a simple backdrop and two identical costumes to perform the quick change. Sources are included for purchasing costumes on-line, or you can make your own.



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