Exposing What's Next?
By Professor Spellbinder

“What’s Next?” has always been exposed… it’s part of the trick. I won’t go deeply into the history, but it started as a card puzzle without the movable pips or spots. Next, it was a jumbo card with movable diamond pips on little loops of monofilament (Pop Eye Pips, c. 1955). Tenyo came out with a metal version that used big domino-like dots ( What's Next? c.1968) , and that seemed to be the end of it. It was now a finely tuned, easy to handle, packs-flat-plays-big prop. According to the ad copy, the exposure went like this: A jumbo card is shown to the audience. It has one spot on one side and four spots on the other. It is shown again to have three spots on one side and six on the reverse side! The magician proceeds to explain to the audience how the trick is done and everyone thinks they understand that is until they find out that he has been fooling them. The real surprise is at the finish, when eight spots are found on the reverse side. So the exposure was a fraud and explained nothing... until Youtube came along. Here is Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki in 2009 demonstrating the standard version of "What's Next?"

MORE Qua-Fiki Demo Videos are HERE.

But then Spellbinder decided to expose the REAL secret of the trick. The dots changed color and colorful silk handkerchiefs were found stuffed inside. One of the dots was multi-colored and from it was pulled a long colorful streamer (or an optional mouth-coil). In this way, all the dots had been removed by the end of the trick…except for three red dots. Two helpers held the card by the edges and the final red dots were revealed to be sponge balls, which led right into a sponge ball routine using the card as a "table", the eventual vanishing of all sponges, and the board ended up blank on both sides. So after all these years, have we finally learned What’s Next?

No, by golly! This past December (2010) both Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki and Professor Spellbinder independently and simultaneously hit on the same brand new solution that simplifies the effect, makes it possible to change the colors of the spots AND the card can be examined when they are all done with it (if you choose to do so.) They call their newest version "What's Next Now?" You'll find all the various versions explored since this e-Book began to be written starting in 2007 and reaching final publication 3 years later.

Just added to the e-Book (12/28/10)! Ee-Gee-Fiki's variation that he calls "Cookie Counter." Using his cousin's (Qua-Fiki) new method made it possible for Ee-Gee-Fiki to pass out the cookie tray for examination and spectator handling prior to going into another cookie trick he has been working on, so he applied it to his version and offered it up as an addendum to this e-Book. His version allows you to count cookies consecutively from one to five, each time you turn the board over (unlike the one four three six eight count of all the other What's Next versions).



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