Easy to Make Gifts for Magicians
By Professor Spellbinder

All right, my "secret source" for these great inexpensive gifts is Heartland of America, but my secret source for turning them into magic effects is my collection of old magic books and a knack for bring old tricks up-to-date with the latest technology. This Mickey Mouse Watch is currently selling for $30.00. I added four silks and a small amount of work to turn it into an excellent "Timed Twentieth Century" effect first described by Len Belcher in 1980, but brought up to date by me, and sent back in time by the Mickey Mouse Watch gift from Heartland. I made it as a gift for a magician friend who frequently is looking for MC bits, but it can also be used as a "snappy opener". Just because it features our friend Mickey, doesn't mean it is limited to kid shows! And when they run out of the Mickey Mouse watches, the same effect can be applied to almost any popular themed watch and they never run out of those!

There are also easy to make magic effects to combine with these gift items from Heartland:

Gold Clad Buffalo Coins - $20.00 Fancy Hunting Knife Card Stab - $20.00 Radio Controlled Stunt Racer $20.00 Comedy Visor/Wig $20.00

The e-Book contains a total of five easy to convert gifts from Heartland (or wherever you can find similar values) that will be much appreciated by your magician friends for Christmas, birthdays, magic club awards, and so on. Oh, all right, perhaps you deserve such a gift for yourself as well!



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