The NEW Santa Blocks Trick
By Wiz Kid Wilhelmina

Based on James Lucien's original 1949 Skeleton In The Closet, this version adapted by nine-year-old Wiz Kid Wilhelmina has some new and original surprises. It begins with solid white blocks. Then the face, body and feet of Santa appear on the blocks. When dropped through a tube decorated like a chimney, the pieces never line up correctly. So Wilhelmina vanishes the head block in a new vanishing gift box she invented herself. Finally Santa's head is where it belongs on the stack of blocks and the chimney is now shown empty... wait a minute, something is stuck inside... it's Santa's magic sack and it's filled with Christmas candy treats for the audience... another new surprise and invention from Wilhelmina.

Wilhelmina has also just added some new block face templates so you can have a choice of making the trick with Santa Claus, the original Skeleton, a Leprechaun, or an all-purpose Clown. I have added Wilhemina to our list of Magic Nook Inventors since in this one effect alone she came up with three brilliant inventions!



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