Vanishing Hand-Puppet House
By Professor Spellbinder

The problem with most vanishing puppet props is that they first require you to take the hand-puppet off your hand before it vanishes, which is an awkward moment for both you and the puppet. It would be much nicer to have the puppet “alive” right up to the moment it vanishes, and perhaps even after it vanishes. That's what happens with this Vanishing Hand-Puppet House. Because it is a little house, this prop seems more puppet-friendly than a cage or a plain box. Your hand-puppet begins to explore it, crawling inside and waving to the audience from a window before it mysteriously vanishes and the house is taken apart piece by piece (by you or a helper from the audience) with no sign of it! It reappears later just to let the kids know that it is "all right."

The house prop is easily made from wood and foamboard or hardboard or thin plywood. The vanish takes place in your hands, up close to the audience, away from all tables and other props in your show. It can also be used to vanish doves and small animals instead of a hand-puppet, or make it large enough to vanish a ventriloqual figure, or a bigger animal like a rabbit. You can use it to carry your puppet and other props, and decorate it as plain or as fancy as you wish. At Halloween it can be a haunted house, at Christmas an "Elf" house, a log cabin, a "little house on the prarie", and so on.



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