Spider Ouija
By Professor Spellbinder

I have been having a lot of fun with a glass (or plastic) bottom tray made with an Ouija design for the clear bottom. I had some of my Magic Nook helpers dig around in my attic for my old seance materials and set them up for me in my parlor, and by gum and by gosh, they work beautifully with the glass Ouija... better than they ever did with the wooden board, in fact. So I've been rewriting my notes and am ready to present... from out of the past with technology from the present... the Spider Ouija.

You don't have to use my Ouija design for your board... feel free to use my design as inspiration and then change it to suit your needs.

Instead of a regular planchet, the Spider Ouija uses a fake plastic spider. It could also be a real spider if you have one lying about, but they tend to be pretty brittle unless you encase them in plastic and then they become a plastic spider, so what's the difference? To be perfectly honest, you can use any small lightweight object as a planchet. My e-Book suggests several more conventional planchets and you may decide to use a rubber duckie, for all I care. The important thing is that it must work with the Clear Glass or Plastic Ouija Board in terms of size and being able to slide around the board and point to letters, numbers, or the traditional symbols.

Then I show you how to activate the spirits of plastic to make it move around on its own. "Magnets!" cry the spectators, but I invite them to scientifically test for magnets and they will find none. "Threads!" shout the magicians, but I invite them to set up barriers that will detect threads and they will find none. When everyone is finished shouting, the room gets quiet again and the spider keeps happily moving about and spelling out answers to questions given in the room, leaving personal messages, etc. You work out what you want to do with it; my job is to show you how. No electronics, no radio controls, yet it works.



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