Sure Shot Card Through Glass
By Professor Spellbinder

This also requires a special Gift by Ginny! You'll need to order a glass-bottom tray specially made from one of the templates that you'll find in this e-Book.

When your glass-bottom tray arrives from Ginny, you will be able to perform the following effect:

Effect: A glass bottom tray with a target etched into the glass is shown to the audience. The magician puts his face behind the target as a joke, then removes a deck of playing cards from his pocket and spreads them out on the tray. A spectator freely chooses a playing card and signs his or her name across the front. The card is shuffled back into the deck. Holding the glass-bottom tray vertically like a target, you show the spectator how to shoot the cards up against the glass of the tray. The signed chosen card visibly appears on the tray... but wait! It's not on top of the tray, but behind the tray! The card penetrates the glass of the tray and ends up on the back where it can be seen through the etched glass target.

You are not limited to the design of the tray that Ginny makes for you. My e-Book offers some suggestions, with reasons for the particular designs given. You can then take my design and personalize it in any way you like, with clever sayings, your name, pithy comments, etc. The e-Book shows you how to make the necessary gimmick that causes this effect to work with this tray. You could also use it with a clear plastic tray from the Dollar Store, but it won't look as nice as the glass-bottom laser-engraved trays by Ginny!



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