Wooden Card Box
By Professor Spellbinder

Actually, the wooden card boxes are from Gifts by Ginny. Don't buy the box in the picture! That one is MINE!

Instead, get Ginny to personalize your own wooden box either with her art work or your own camera ready art work and YOUR name. $20 plus postage within the USA.


When your box arrives, you may then need this e-Book of things you can do with it. I have effects for use with the boxes just as they arrive from the factory (ungimmicked), as well as some simple ways to gimmick the boxes for a variety of other tricks.

Ungimmicked Box Effects:
Appearing Deck of Cards
Ambitious Signed Card to Card Box
Jack in the Box
Cut and Restored Card on Ribbon

Gimmicked Box Effects:
Locking Card (Appear/Vanish) Box
Haunted Deck/Rising Cards in the Box
Gummy Box

You're going to like this Wooden Card Box by Ginny, and it will help inspire you to come up with many more ideas for effects on your own.



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