The Twelve Days of Christmas
By Professor Spellbinder

Appropriately enough, I dreamed up this effect on the night of the First Day of Christmas, 2008. The dream was no doubt brought on like Marley’s ghost; by massive doses of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and mince pie accompanied by all-day Christmas carols coming from the radio.

I dreamed I had 12 blank cards, which were shown on both sides to an audience of jeering gnomes and elves. The cards one by one transformed into pictures of the twelve gifts described in the famous carol, as the jeering changed to cheering from my grotesque audience. At the end, all the black and white cards had changed to full color renditions and just as I was about to receive a standing ovation, I awoke… but not before I saw one of the cards up close and figured out the secret. Here it is, all worked out for you in this e-Book.

If you know the song, you can imagine the effect! The twelve cards are shown on both sides. They have a regular card back on one side and are blank on the face side. As the song plays out, black and white drawings of the gifts suddenly begin to appear on the faces of the cards, one by one. The song leader (that's you!) runs back and forth between the blank cards and the appearing gift cards. The gift cards are displayed on a long stand that can hold all 12 cards in a row. At the very end of the song, all the cards change at once into beautifully colored pictures of the 12 gifts of Christmas as drawn by John Green, used by permission, or draw your own.



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