Baubles, Bangles, Rings and Beads
By Professor Spellbinder

From time to time Jim Gerrish or the Wiz Kids bring me interesting challenges gathered from Dollar Stores, Craft Stores or flea markets. From the Craft Store (Michaels in our area) Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki brought me some bangle bracelets that he wanted me to use to make him a set of miniature linking rings (on sale, two packs of bangles for a buck).

As I watched the Presidential Debates on television, to keep from getting angry or excited, I worked on the problem. Making a set of linking rings was no challenge. It only required a hacksaw and soldering iron. What I worked on was coming up with a whole new concept for the Linking Rings; one which did not require a key ring and during the routine and afterwards, every ring could be handed out (examined, if you will).

The song from the 1953 musical Kismet by Robert Wright and George Forrest kept popping into my mind as I worked; “Baubles, Bangles and Beads,” based on music by Alexander Borodin from his opera Prince Igor. I added the "rings" myself, wanting to incorporate a borrowed finger ring made of any metal without resorting to a Himber Ring to make the connection.

This e-Book is the result, no matter who wins the forthcoming election. Jim Gerrish made the photos and Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki gets to try it out first. No key ring, no Himber Ring, no hidden wires, and every single ring can be handled ( examined). The finger ring can be borrowed, made of any metal or non-metal as long as it has a hole in the middle for a finger to fit through. The bead can be made of plastic or wood. You can actually borrow the bangles if you run into an impromptu situation where you spot someone wearing them on her wrist. I guess these days I should be politically correct and say his or her wrist. One never knows. You can also link on borrowed necklaces (baubles) and just about anything with a hole through the middle, like a key chain, etc. You're thinking the "M" word? The items linked can be made of anything, metal or non-metal, plastic, glass, etc.



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