Talking Greeting Cards
By Professor Spellbinder

You open an envelope and remove a greeting card. It has some kind of face on it, like a smilie face, or a dog, or a clown, etc. Suddenly, the eyes on the face begin to move. The mouth opens and it begins to talk! You open the card, there's nothing inside. You show it on all sides... there's nothing to account for why the face can move its eyes, open and close its mouth, wave its hand, make words appear on the face... it must be magic! Plus a little ventriloquism on the side!

The idea is based on Steve Axtell's Magic Drawing Board, but this does not require you to do any drawing, and it works completely differently, so we have Steve's permission to share it with you. It really fits inside an envelope which fits inside your pocket, and if you wish, at the end of the effect you can give the card (which you print yourself on your computer printer) to the birthday child and he won't have a clue how to make it work, but will cherish it always.

I provide you with some sample cartoon faces, but once you get the idea, you can really make it your own. The Magic Drawing Board is limited to moving its eyes and mouth, but with this you can, for instance, make the little flower on the hat wiggle around and even make it squirt water, provide a hand for the clown to wave, add another and he can play peek-a-boo! His nose can light up, if you wish! Just add your imagination and our secret source of energy and motion and you have an illusion that fits in your pocket!

If you're not a ventriloquist, don't despair! The greeting card can be given its own "voice" and you treat it like a noisy "silent partner." There are lots more ideas for using it included; you know me, once I start talking I can't shut up, just like all my former silent partners!




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