Balloon Levitation
By Professor Spellbinder

It seems a little strange that I should try to levitate a balloon, but actually, the effect is that a small boy or girl is levitated through the process of handing him helium balloons, one by one. When he is holding one helium balloon too many, off he goes and you have to keep pulling him back to earth. Finally, you snip away one or two balloons and send the child on his way, safely earthbound.

On a recent "Mythbusters" TV show, they proved it couldn't be done without a huge number of very hardy helium balloons, but we'll do it anyway with only a small number of balloons, making every parent's mythical circus nightmare come true for a delighted floating child.

This obviously makes a great bit for a magic circus clown, but it can be done in any setting and also surrounded. The only catch is that the small child (and it must be a small child) has to be in on it and take the role of an actor in the little play you perform together. If you have such a small person in mind for the role, here's a levitation that will make your magician friends envious.



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