Devil's Compact
by Professor Spellbinder

“Magic Mirror in my hand,
Who is the fairest in the land?”

Well, all right, we had to change the fairytale spell a bit to adjust for a mirror held in the hand and not hanging from a wall. This is an effect designed for a woman magician to perform with an ordinary looking compact mirror that seems to have the gift of far-seeing and/or prophecy.

Effect: You show a folding Compact mirror, have someone polish it clean with a tissue, and you wrap rubber bands around it to seal it closed. Someone spreads out a Tarot deck and while you are blindfolded, or have your back to the scene, she freely chooses the card or symbol she wants to represent her. She then seals the card in an envelope. Completely ignoring the envelope, you turn instead to your Compact mirror, about which you reveal that it was once owned by a famous oracle who was noted for her gift of seeing that which was hidden to ordinary mortals. Reciting a simple spell over the mirror, you hand it to the one who chose the card and ask her to cut the rubber bands to break the seal on the Compact. When she opens it, written in red on the face of the mirror is the message (for example) “You have chosen happiness,” or some other message that clearly relates to the Tarot card chosen.

Alternate effects: Someone breathes on the mirror and makes a symbol in the fog. The person then cleans the mirror with a tissue and the mirror reveals the symbol.

The mirror reveals which envelope contains the banknote so you can win a game of “bank night.”

The mirror reveals a word chosen from a book of ancient spells.

And so on. Use your imagination and come up with a unique routine that fits your style and personality as a magician.

Although the above routines use a completely freely chosen card, word, etc., there are times when you want a little certainty in your life. As a BONUS, if you’re not tied into using a Tarot deck and feel your routine can make use of a regular deck of playing cards, I include a previously unpublished (until now) method of forcing a card in the most freely possible way, called "Freely Forced."



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