Mummy Mischief
by Magicbob

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The magician displays five mummy cards. He “closes the sarcophagus lid” of one mummy to prevent him from escaping (i.e., the card is turned face-down, showing the closed sarcophagus on the back) and places that mummy aside.

The magician shows the four remaining mummies again. Then, one by one, the sarcophagus lids are magically closed to prevent the mummies from escaping.

The audience joins in an ancient Egyptian ritual to ensure that the mummies are bound for eternity. “Jock - Ooo - ZEE” is chanted over and over. The cards are shown again. The audience sees that the sarcophagus lids have reopened and the mummies have all escaped! Only a small heap of bandages remains in the bottom of each sarcophagus.

The magician explains that the wrong chant was accidentally used. That was the Jacuzzi chant. He turns over the card that was set aside previously to reveal that all the mummies have transported there and are now enjoying a relaxing dip in a hot tub!

Great for Halloween or any time of year! The mummies don’t have to be portrayed as “monsters.” This effect could be presented using an Egyptian/archeology theme.

This effect requires some knowledge and proficiency with the following card moves: Elmsley Count, Hamman Count, Ascanio Spread.



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