The Power of Money

by Professor Spellbinder


This effect can take advantage of a popular movie many in your audience will have seen, "National Treasure." In that movie, mystic Masonic symbols found on the dollar bill are used in the plot, so people may be receptive to the idea that the bill also contains secret spells in the "Malthusian" tongue.

To demonstrate his spellbinding skills, the Witch or Wizard offers a simple demonstration. First, he has a Muggle volunteer demonstrate his dexterity by catching a crumpled up dollar bill. Then he asks the Muggle to smooth out the dollar bill and to read aloud the words on the bottom of the bill. Of course, they are "ONE DOLLAR." That is a spell, claims the Wizard.

He tells the Muggle to read the words backwards, saying them aloud to help him in this task: "RAL-LOD E-NO." In the ancient Malthusian tongue, that means "WEAKEN ME," explains the Wizard. The Wizard "proves" it with a little test that you'll have to read inside the article.

"I could leave you in this weakened state," says the Wizard, "but your wife (mother) might not like it, so look on the front of the dollar bill. There you will find the words 'LEGAL TENDER.' Just say them backwards, 'RED-NET LAG-EL.' In the Malthusian tongue, that means 'RESTORE MY STRENGTH.' Now the Muggle is able to accomplish the task of strength the Wizard used before.

The Wizard then follows up with a second demonstration of the 'weakness' spell. Once again,he proves the spell's power to take away the Muggle's strength and the power of the counter spell to restore his stength. The details of this test are also explained in the article.

"I feel I owe you something for participating in my demonstration," says the Wizard. "I shall place this dollar bill into an envelope for you to take home with you to remind you of the two spells you learned here today."

The Wizard seals the envelope and gives it to the Muggle. At some point the Muggle will tear open the envelope and will find only a piece of paper the size of a dollar bill and on the paper is written "By now, the spell I said to make you think this paper was a real dollar bill will have worn off and you can see at last the true power of magic spells! Thanks for helping me!" Of course it is signed with your Wizard name and if you are seeking other Wizard work, will have your contact information on it as well.

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