Body Piercings

by Professor Spellbinder

The fad for body piercings makes this old trick new again. The Wizard points out people in the audience who have pierced ears... or worse... and gets one of them to volunteer for a new wrist piercing decoration he has invented. It is made from a tin can or a large diameter PVC pipe which has been cut in half... the long way. One side of the cut pipe or can has been taped with duct tape so that the pipe can open and close over someone's wrist.

In the center are three large slots. The wizard takes a knife and shows that the knife blade fits through the slots easily. When the wrist band is closed and three knives are inserted in the three slots, they trisect at a most interesting angle, which makes for a decorative body piercing, promises the Wizard. But first the victim is "hypnotized" so he or she won't feel a thing. Then the victim holds out his or her arm so the wrist band can be put on and the knives are inserted, one by one.

When asked if they feel the knife blade, the person responds "Yes" quite honestly, but there is no pain. Even when the Wizard slides the band and knives back and forth along the person's arm to make larger and more interesting designs, the person feels no pain.

There are two ways to end... pull the wrist band right down and off over the person's hand, and immediately show into the tube that the knives really are penetrating it as they did before, OR open the tube and remove it from the wrist, again showing the blades sticking through the tube.

As a finale, the Wizard pulls out the knives and tosses them at a cork board, where the knives stick in solidly, proving they are real knives and not those old trick knives where the blade pushes back into the handle.

This can also be used as a new way to perform the Knife Through Balloon effect, if you don't want to use it on a brave volunteer.

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