Giant Spiders

by Professor Spellbinder

Halloween is a good time to get back in the carnival business. Some of you may remember the old mid-way Illusions that were features at carnivals, where you could see the headless woman, or the head without a body. If you made one such Illusion every year for a Halloween porch display, you would be able to mount your own carnival or traveling Illusion show in a few year's time. Mr. Bones, our first offering, is one such Illusion. The giant spider with the human head, is another.


A chair is in the center of the porch entrance. Across the arms and back of the chair stretches a heavy web. Sitting in the center of the web is a huge spider with an even bigger head... a human head! The spider talks to guests, sings rowdy songs, and tries to get visitors to touch him so he can bury his poisonous fangs in them and tie them up for winter feeding.

There are two ways to build this illusion- from wood and hardware, and Jim Gerrish has convinced me to try a PVC pipe version this year, so I'll include his PVC version plans.

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