Teddy Bear Houdini

A gang of helpers from the audience ties up your Teddy Bear with ropes, pipe cleaners (chenille sticks), zip ties, twist-ties, rubber bands, shoe-laces, and locks and chains. Then they help you tie him (or tape him) inside a wooden or cardboard box, just like Harry Houdini. And even though you give the box to someone to guard, just like Harry Houdini, when they open it, the ropes and chains are there but Teddy is gone! Teddy always gets out and is soon found swinging from someone's back, free as a bear!

You don't have to use a Teddy Bear; any doll or stuffed animal will work. Wilhelmina found hers in a Dollar Store!

Wilhelmina got Jim Gerrish to rebuild the model of the Escape Box that she originally made from cardboard into a more permanent hardboard version, and included photos of the construction process in her e-Book.


Teddy Houdini


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