Magic Jacks

A new way to play Jacks! Amaze the girls in the playground when you make your Jacks appear, disappear, multiply and change colors! For close-up, parlor, tablehopping and walk-around. Includes Wilhelmina's newest creation "Yankee Hanky," a great way to vanish a Jack or any small object from under an examinable silk handkerchief.

Wilhelmina gets the big rubbery jacks from a Dollar Store. Better get several sets so you can make “gimmicks.”

These are some of the magic tricks Wilhelmina will show you in this e-Book:

1. Making jacks appear.
2. Making jacks disappear. (Includes “Yankee Hanky”)
3. Making jacks multiply.
4. Making jacks change color.
5. Ball magic.
6. Carrying Bag tricks.
7. Hide and Seek Jacks.
8. Magic Jack Gimmicks.

Of course there are many more magic tricks you can do with the jacks and the super balls; she is just getting you started.


Magic Jacks


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